We feel there is real value in asking questions, listening, and understanding our client’s situations. The initial step in our engagement process is our Executive Leadership Conversation (ELC).  This 30-minute virtual meeting via TEAMS/Zoom involves our President/Vice President and a Senior Consultant engaging with you as an Executive. (Our Team)

The simple agenda involves a consultation focused on:

  1. Understanding you and your business.
  2. Inform/answer questions regarding our firm
  3. Share some best practices we have identified regarding Cybersecurity and Network reliability

If there is mutual agreement to engage in a more extensive conversation from our ELC meeting then we move forward with the “IT Like An Owner Discovery Process”

"IT Like an Owner"
Discovery Process

  • Evaluate/Analyze
  • Gain Feedback
  • Create Design
  • Implement Design
  • Monitor Design
  • Monitor Results
  • Hold Accountable to Perform


We use Proxurve’s experience and best practices combined with ongoing industry standard reviews to analyze the current state of your organizations IT infrastructure. Everything from internet connectivity to disaster recovery. A report is then generated specific to your situation and need that displays where your organization ranks within the suggested best practices and methodologies.

Gain Feedback

We know IT but we don’t know your business or organization. Your history, your present, and your future are all things that we value and need to incorporate into the roadmap. Before we provide the results of our report, we ask for a one-hour meeting to hear from you so that we can provide a clear IT infrastructure plan that aligns with your vision and direction.

Create Design

As the name suggests we take the results or our reporting and add your organizational feedback and we create the infrastructure design for your optimum IT environment while balancing user impact and cost.

Implementation of Design

After both parties review the design and we gain agreement, we provide an implementation plan including timelines, budgetary requirements, and end user impact. We operate from a detailed implementation plan with daily/weekly updates, touch points, and budgetary compliance checks to ensure we stay on plan and at or below budget.

Monitor Results

The best made plans mean nothing if they are not measured and monitored against the original objectives. Once the newly provided infrastructure is fully operational, we will proactively monitor the health and safety of your network, endpoints, access points and end user satisfaction.

Hold Accountable to Perform

Proxurve expects to be held accountable for the ongoing performance of the solutions that we cooperatively design and implement. We understand that high quality outcomes are what our clients expect, and we take that trust in us very seriously. We believe all investments should provide a return…. even IT investments.

Ed Sulya
Architectural Walls

“Migrating to Microsoft 365 was a blessing”

Architectural Walls migrates to Microsoft 365 which has kept them productive through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Architectural Walls needed to replace their existing on-premise server.  Ed Sulya, President of Architectural Walls, and Proxurve Solutions discussed the options of server hardware replacement and moving to the cloud via Microsoft 365.  Ed signed-off on the cloud solution and couldn’t be happier.  Here are a few comments from Ed:

“It was a blessing to have implemented Microsoft 365 and to have moved our company data to the cloud prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Because we did so, our office staff was better equipped to work remotely, stay productive and maintain communication with our entire team.”

“Proxurve has been responsive to all of our small IT issues that arise but more importantly, they have done a good job steering our firm towards new and better applications and technology.  Without Proxuve as our partner, we would likely be losing market share instead of gaining it.”

“As a business owner, manger or supervisor, your role is to focus on the big picture of running your business.  Proxurve is the partner you need to create the worry-free IT infrastructure that you need to grow.”