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On our ProxyCARE Fully Managed Service solution, we offer a 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee on your monthly recurring charge.


We’ve been providing IT solutions and support in Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 18 years.

We have “been there, done that” when it comes to IT.


Our clients are more than just an accounts receivable. We strive to build a true business partnership with our clients meaning we want to be involved with all your I.T. decisions.


With ProxyCARE Fully Managed, you receive one invoice per month (hardware/software and projects excluded) for all I.T. support and included services.

8 Reasons to choose Proxurve Solutions as your I.T. Partner

​2. 110% Money Back Guarantee

On our ProxyCARE Fully Managed Service, we offer a 60-Day, no questions asked, 110% money back guarantee on your monthly invoice.  If you are not happy with our service, you simply don’t pay.  We will refund you 100% of your first two monthly invoice(s) as well as donate 10% of the refunded amount to a charity of your choice.

3. We Build I.T. Partnerships With Our Clients

We are not just another “break/fix” IT company.  We are here to build a true business partnership with you, our client.  We are here to assist with guiding you through everything from a vision through implementing and on-going support.  The key to being able to provide our clients with this type of partnership is our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).  No task is too small to include our vCIO.  They are at your disposal from everything to ensuring the new Multi-Function Printer is correct for your needs and is implemented properly, planning a large project, and even can assist with your budgeting needs.

4. All Inclusive Managed Service

If you want an IT managed services solution that doesn’t “nickel and dime” you, then you want our ProxyCARE Managed Service. With ProxyCARE, you receive one invoice per month (hardware/software and major projects excluded) for all support and included services such as 24/7 monitoring, edge to endpoint protection, cybersecurity awareness and training, proactive maintenance, scheduled assessments, technology road mapping, and more.

5. We SPECIALIZE In IT For The Legal Industry But Provide IT Support For All Other Industries As Well.

For nearly 10 years we have been consulting, implementing, and supporting IT solutions for the legal industry.  We may not be experts at every single case management software available, but we have a strong working knowledge of several of them out there.  If/When technical support is necessary, we’re the ones who can “talk the talk” with the vendor to get your issue resolve quickly. 

6. We Have A TEAM Of Cross-Trained Experts On Staff. 

If “your” engineer is on vacation or sick, no problem!  We cross-train our engineers so no one person holds the keys to your kingdom.  Cross-training provides quicker resolutions to your issues which you deserve. 

7. We Have Strong Vendor Relationships That Work To YOUR Advantage

We work extremely close with our vendors like Microsoft, HP, Datto, and WatchGuard that allows us a “bat phone” so to speak.  If we have a pre-sales question or a state of emergency issue, we are able to get to the correct person to talk to in a timelier fashion that most IT companies.  Working this close with our vendors ensures that you’re provided the right solution, at the right price, validated by the vendor.

8. We Support Both On-Premise And Cloud Solutions.

Some IT firms won’t offer or recommend cheaper cloud solutions because THEY make less money. Our philosophy is – and always has been – to offer what’s BEST for the customer, not us. That’s how we keep so many customers long-term. We’ll base our recommendations on what YOU want and what YOU feel most comfortable with. Our job is to lay out your options, educate you on the pros and cons of each and guide you to the best, most cost-effective solution for you.

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