Hacker alert: Beware of public wi-fi

Public wi-fi is an easy way to conduct business in any location, but the convenience of access is a great opportunity for hackers. Criminals have mastered the art of breaking into public wi-fi to collect data to use, sell, or even destroy your business. Troy Holwerda, the President of Proxurve Solutions, an IT provider in Indianapolis, explains the dangers of wi-fi and how to protect your business.

Troy: And, the third mistake is that trusting all these public accessible Wi-Fi’s… as you may go sit down at your local coffee shop and think that you’re jumping on their free Wi-Fi when, in fact, you could be jumping on the guy that sitting next to you that’s a hacker and he’s just posting… he’s putting up a public accessible Wi-Fi that you jumped on and now every single keystroke that you do, he’s sniffing that data and he sees everything that you’re doing. So, you have to be really trusting or really understanding what network you’re jumping onto.  

And, even if you do get on that coffee shop’s wireless, they’re usually not really real secure or anything. And so, a way to battle that is you implement a VPN so that once you connect to a Wi-Fi then you connect to a VPN and then every single bit of your data that’s going through that is going to be encrypted. 

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