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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disasters happen to many companies, even if proper preventative measures are taken. While it is important to take precautions to make sure this does not happen, if it does, Proxurve has the experience and resources to help – with anything from a fire to power failures to viruses and hackers. Downtime to your organization is costly, and an extra insurance policy can be vital to your business’s survival.
Disaster recovery is defined using two key metrics. Recovery time objective (RTO) is how long your business can afford to have systems down, and recovery point objective (RPO) is how much data your business can afford to lose. Depending on your company’s RTO and RPO, your solution will vary.

Proxurve provides a customized combination of disaster recovery solutions.


  • Online data backup gives a business security and insurance that their important information and documents will not be lost. In addition, Proxurve provides easy access to whatever you might need, with a solution exclusive to your business needs. Proxurve utilizes key components for online data backup, including quick and easy restore, offsite services, “point-in-time” versions, encrypted data and more.
  • SAN disaster recovery solution provides a quick fix if your system crashes due to an unforeseen circumstance, such as a power outage during a storm. This solution ensures seamless continuity between applications so your business does not have to scramble to solve a problem.
  • Virtual disaster recovery gives a plan to businesses that do not want to incur expensive costs upfront. Virtual technologies allow business to continue with daily processes and for all virtual environments to be easily managed. Proxurve offers three levels of virtual disaster recovery packages: basic, advanced and premium. Proxurve can help your business decide which package is best for your company.