The Proxurve Way






We use our Proxurve best practices and industry standards to analyze the current state of anything from your internet connectivity to disaster recovery. Upon completing the survey/analysis, we develop a report specific to your need, displaying where your organization falls within the suggested best practices and methodologies. From the report, a roadmap is curated to highlight what security, upgrades, process implementations are needed to achieve an “A” ranking.


The analysis results breakdown your risks, allowing us to explain them from a VCIO perspective {Get Videos From Troy with bullet points from CVIO perspective). The defined roadmap from the analysis highlights immediate threats and outlines risks from a business perspective. We explain how these risks affect the bottom line and business process of your organization. 


We strive to be proactive and use monitoring tools to track the performance of critical devices within your organization. When an issue arises or when a risk is detected, we are alerted and address the issue before it becomes a catastrophe. We monitor 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our Proxurve permits you access to our monitoring tool portal, allowing you a real time view into how we are managing your engagement. You are also given direct access to our ticketing portal. Meetings are scheduled at regular intervals to access if target goals from your roadmap are progressing to reach an A ranking.