• Microsoft
  • Apple

Infrastructure (Router, Switch, Firewall)

  • Adtran infrastructure equipment
  • Adtran Triple Crown Partner- the highest level any partner can attain

Add description (from Cathleen) about info for Adtran

Pop open an example of one of the heat maps of the building


Predictive and Passive Survey {Need more info}

Maybe show a heat map of a survey??? {Need Heat Map from Troy}

  • Installation
  • We use Adtran Bluesocket APs and hosted controllers for high availability

Wireless footprint

  • A wireless footprint is the area of coverage provided by a Wireless Access Point (WAP) or a group of WAPs need more info here. what does Prxurve do with the Wireless footprint etc


  • Microsoft Hyper-V (no one certified on VMwire)

Voice / (VoIP) Voice Over Intranet Protocol

  • VoIP is a comprehensive communications system that allows your business to exchange information my phone or computer worldwide. VoIP gives both customers and employees a more quality way to interact at a lower cost. Securely sharing information is easy, and leads to a better customer support system and engaged employees.
  • Proxurve provides an enterprise VoIP solution that gives your business greater flexibility. Our VoIP solution is intuitive, reduces communications costs and gives your business the security it needs when communicating with consumers.


  • Local storage and cloud storage
  • Cybernetics –SAN Storage Array Network (local)

Cloud solutions (o365, Hosted Exchange)

  • Cabling (new construction, rewiring, low voltage)
  • Managed Internet Security

(not sure what to actually call this) {stop the cyber attacks before they hit your firewall. Cyberattacks and crybotmap) Ransomeware – get it before it gets into the firewall

Workstation – AV/Malware protection

Web Content Filtering

Enhanced Internet Security