Take Control Remote Access Instructions

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Take Control Remote Access Instructions


NOTE:  Firefox was used to make these instructions.  If you are using another browser like Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer the screenshots may differ slightly.

  1. Login to https://proxycare.proxurve.com
  2. Click on the green icon next to the computer you want to remotely connect to.

  1. The first time you do this, you will have to install the “Take Control Viewer”. This should not come back up on subsequent connection attempts.  Click on the “Take Control Viewer” link in “Step 1: Download”.

  1. Go to the downloads in your browser and run the installer that just downloaded from step 3

  1. After it installs you should see the following. Click the “OK” button:

  1. Click the “Launch Take Control” green button.

  1. If you get prompted for what application to open the program with, check the box to “Remember my choice for mspancsxvp links.” And then click the “Open link” button.

  1. Now that you have gone through these steps, all you should have to do in the future is login to the website and then click on the remote control icon to launch the session.