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HOW TEXAS MSPS CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEW 2020 CYBERSECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR REGULATED INDUSTRIES March 17, 2020 – 1 pm EST   If you’re a Texas MSP, join us to learn about how you can leverage our pre-certified, white-label cybersecurity training...


It’s tax season, and that means scammers are BUSY. Cybercriminals are continuing to use their old tricks with email-based scams to target businesses and individuals, but this year, a new scam has emerged, specifically targetting small tax-prep businesses. New...
vCIO and Your IT Team

vCIO and Your IT Team

What is a vCIO? vCIO or Virtual Chief Information Officer is a contractor that serves as your organizations Chief Information Officer. If there is an existing IT department within your organization, the vCIO advises and collaborates with your IT team. If you do not...