security as a service

Security as a Service

Security as a Service (SECaaS or SaaS) is our security offering wherein we will handle and manage your security.  Similar to Microsoft 365, our SECaaS offerings range from the very basic (endpoint protection only) to an advanced level that includes edge to edge protection (Internet to end-user device), security awareness training, in-depth security assessment & remediation, and more.  Security is not a one step solution.  To be effective, it must be layered.  We utilize the most advanced EndPoint protection tools that work in conjunction with each other to protect each endpoint device attached to your network.  If a breach is detected, it will shutdown the network layer of the infected device thus isolating the infection to a single device, not your entire network.  We also include dark web scanning as well as security awareness and training for all users.  Studies have shown that employees are the weakest link in your security platform.  Our training will help them become more aware of potential threats thus protecting your most prized possession, your data.


Benefits of SECaaS

There are several advantages of using our Security as a Service solution and they include:

  1. We use the latest and most up to date security tools available.  When it comes to Anti-Virus, signature based AV solutions are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  We implement a NetGen AV solution wherein it utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to seek out threats.
  2. You get a security team that is fast to respond to threats.  Not only does our EndPoint protection act quickly to isolate any threats, our security team will act fast to remediate those threats.
  3. Faster provisioning.  The great thing about “as a service” offerings is that we can provision these services quickly.  We can scale up or down as your needs change.
  4. Save on costs.  There’s no hardware to purchase or licenses to acquire.  Instead, you replace the upfront capital expenditures with a consistent, manageable monthly recurring charge that is typically less than the upfront costs.  Additionally, when you purchase hardware, it needs to be replaced over time.  Because our solutions are all cloud based, there are no hardware upgrade fees down the road.


Our Solutions


  • Multi-layered EndPoint Protection



  • SECaaS Basic
  • CyberSecurity Awareness & Training
    • Simulated Phishing Attacks
    • Dark Web Monitoring & Alerting
    • Weekly short videos (2-3 minutes) and quizzes (4 questions)
    • Employee Vulnerability Assessment – a rating based on how well each employees does on the simulated phishing attacks, quizzes, dark web data, etc.
  • Unified Threat Management Appliance – Basic Subscription
    • Advanced Firewall protection
    • WebBlocker – Blocks sites based on categories/sub-categories
    • Gateway AntiVirus – Stops downloading of potential viruses at the edge, whether through email, web browsing, or other means
    • Intrustion Prevention – Real time protection from threats such as spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows.
    • Reputation Enabled Defense – Reviews each URL to determine if the reputation of the site is within the limits configured.  If not, access to the site is denied.
    • Application Control – Monitor and control the use of applications on your network
  • 10% discount on our current hourly rate for any security related remediation



  • SECaaS Premium
  • Unified Threat Management Appliance – Total Security Subscription (additions to the Basic subscription)
    • APT Blocker – An  additional layer at the endpoint to help protect against advanced malware and 0-day exploits
    • Data Loss Prevention – Detect, monitor, and prevent accidental unauthorized transmission of confidential information outside your network or across network boundaries
    • DNSWatch – DNSWatch monitors outbound DNS requests, correlating them against an aggregated list of malicious sites. Requests that are determined to be malicious are blocked, redirecting the user to a safe site to reinforce their phishing training.
      • DNSWatchGO – Optional/Additional; DNSWatchGO is a service that provides domain-level protection, content filtering, and integrated security awareness training to keep your users safe when they travel outside of your secure network perimeter.
    • Enhanced Reporting – Scheduled or run-on-demand advanced reports.