Ron Hanson | Safety Management Group

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Local workplace safety company asks Proxurve to migrate them to Microsoft 365


Ron Hanson | Vice-President

Safety Management Group

Client Location:

Indianapolis, Indiana


Client Profile:

ASMG is a workplace safety consulting, training, staffing, and program planning and implementation company with over 225 employees.


The Client’s Challenge

With most of our employees working remote (even prior to COVID-19), we were seeking a solution to stay in touch better with our employees as well as the need for simple, secure access to our data. 



“Our server was old, needed to be replaced and Proxurve, who has been our IT partner for over 5 years, approached us with two options; a physical server replacement or Microsoft 365.  After they explained the benefits such as ease of access to data for everyone whether onsite or remote, security, “built-in” DR, etc., we opted to go the Microsoft 365 route.  Proxurve defined a well laid-out plan, executed the plan in a timely fashion and supported us throughout the entire process.  With 225 employees most of who are not in the office, you can only imagine the challenges but Proxurve made it a success.  What makes this even more of a success is how we were able to stay efficient during the COVID-19 stay at home order.  If you’re looking for an IT partner, I highly recommend Proxurve!”


Proxurve can help you with all your IT needs.  From device implementation to a fully managed solution, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started.


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