ProxyCARE is our Managed Service offering to help us help you in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.  We offer two editions of our ProxyCARE managed service; lite and fully managed.  Our fully managed edition provides the most predictable IT cost in that includes unlimited remote and onsite support*.  Our lite version includes all the same services as our fully managed but instead of unlimited support, a discounted hourly rate is used for all remote and onsite support.




Having a dedicated TEAM and SOLUTION to support your IT needs is critical for the small-to-medium-sized organization. Having access to elite-level experts and tools makes all the difference between having an IT “person” and having an IT strategy:

  • State of the art tools to help predict and self-heal most issues
  • Support is included or at a discounted rate, depending on which version you select
  • Built-in remote-control support to provide easier, quicker access to our support staff
  • Hardware & Software inventory
  • Reduced downtime to keep your company efficient
  • Client access to monitoring portal


“Set it and forget it.” The biggest advantage to having a dedicated solution for your it needs? Everything is not YOUR responsibility 24/7, it’s on us. Top of the line strategy, staff, tools waiting to support your real mission.

  • An efficient, secure networking environment
  • Business continuity
  • Predictable IT cost
  • Quicker access to our support staff resulting in improved productivity for your staff


Literally all the best technical tools your organization could need. Let PROXURVE coordinate the training, software, hardware and strategy needed to make your organization the best it possibly can be. Efficiency starts with a strong technical backbone. Literally, PROXURVE has your back.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and alerting
  • Web security & content filtering
  • Cybersecurity awareness & training
  • Microsoft, AV, Malware, and 3rdParty application updates
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Network infrastructure analysis, mapping and configuration management
  • Continual network assessment
  • vCIO to help plan your IT needs and direction
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