What is ProxyCARE?

ProxyCARE is our Managed Service solution to help us help you in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. ProxyCARE provides a predictable IT cost that includes unlimited remote and onsite support. ProxyCARE also includes a plethora of proactive, productivity and security solutions as well as a “C” level service utilizing our vCIO to assist in guiding you along your IT road map.  Below are the details of what is included with ProxyCARE but feel free to call us to have a more in depth conversation.




Having a dedicated TEAM and SOLUTION to support all your IT needs is critical for the small-to-medium-sized organization. Having access to elite-level experts and tools makes all the difference between having an IT “person” and having an IT Business Partner. We know that IT is mission critical to the success of your company and that is why we implement top-notch tools and solutions to minimize issues and downtime while maximizing productivity. We’ll concentrate on your IT so you can focus on your clients and running your business.


  • Predictable IT cost that makes budgeting simple
  • A TEAM that handles your every IT need; from Tier 1 support to strategic & road mapping with our vCIO
  • State of the art tools to help predict and self-heal most issues
  • Built-in remote-control support to provide easier, quicker access to our support staff
  • Hardware & Software inventory
  • Reduced downtime to keep your company efficient

Support & Security

Literally all the best technical tools and solutions your organization could need. Let PROXURVE coordinate the training, software, hardware and strategy needed to make your organization the best it possibly can be. Efficiency starts with a strong technical backbone. PROXURVE has your back.

  • UNLIMITED Remote and On-site support
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and alerting
  • Infrastructure monitoring and network mapping
  • ProxySHIELD EndPoint Security EDR & Enhanced Breach Detection
  • ProxySHIELD Web Security
    • Content filtering on over 60 categories
    • Enhanced Internet Security using DNS-Layered Network Security
  • CyberSecurity
    • Unified Threat Management solution to protect you from “bad visitors”
    • Security awareness training
    • Simulated phishing attacks
    • Micro training (2-4 minute videos with a 4 question quiz at the end)
    • Policy templates
  • ProxyCARE on all workstations
    • Patch management for all Microsoft updates
    • Patch management for 3rd party products (Java, etc.)
    • Remote control for easy access to our support staff
    • Hardware/software inventory

Productivity & Strategic

  • Backup for Microsoft 365 Data
    • Per Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement section 6b: We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result. In the event of an outage, you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that you’ve stored. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.
  • Ongoing IT assessments to ensure and/or encourage you to follow industry and Proxurve’s best practices
  • NetAdmin
    • Oversees the networking environment
    • Maintains the IT assessments
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)
    • IT business reviews to determine the business impact of the assessments
    • Defines or assists to define an IT road map and makes sure you “stay on course”
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