Michael Huffman | Information Technology

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Indiana municipality utilizes Proxurve for a disaster recovery and business continuity solution


Michael Huffman | Director of Information Technology 

City of Kokomo


Client Location: 

Kokomo, Indiana


Client Profile 

The Information Technology Department for the City of Kokomo responsible for supporting over 300 end-users, over 30 servers, and 12 remote office locations.


The Client’s Challenge

The City of Kokomo was in desperate need of a disaster recovery, business continuity solution.  



“After a tornado struck too close for comfort to the City building in 2017, we knew we needed to implement a DRBC plan soon.  We had discussed it several times but to fully duplicate our server room to a remote location was cost prohibitive.  Proxurve then came to us with a solution that well exceeded our expectation and fell within our budget.  This solution not only performs near continuous backups for file/folder recovery but can start a failed server as a VM in a manner of minutes, so our downtime is minimal.  Additionally, all our backed-up servers reside in the cloud and can be accessed by a VPN in case we’re not so lucky with a future tornado.  Proxurve has been a part of our IT department for over 10 years and we are glad they are!”



Proxurve can help you with all your IT needs.  From device implementation to a fully managed solution, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started.



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