Message Review Notification Process

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How will I know messages have been quarantined?

Our default message review notification schedule is every 3 hours between 8A-5P, 7 days a week.  What this means is, you will receive an email stating that you have messages to review.  Depending on your view within Outlook, the email will preview like this:



What do the Message Review Notification emails look like?


The notification email will tell you the number of messages you have to review. The number of messages will continue to increase if you do not review the messages and more are quarantined between notification emails.

Callout 1 points to the headline indicating how many messages you have waiting to be reviewed.

Callout 2 indicates the button to click that will open your browser and drop you into the quarantine message review. No username or password required.





How do I review and release my quarantined messages?

Reviewing your quarantined messages is as simple as click on the blue Review My Messages button noted in callout 2.  This will open a web page showing any messages that have not been through the review process to date.  In other words, it will not show ALL your quarantined messages but instead only the ones since your last review.  When you click Review My Messages, you will see the following.

From here you can Deliver the message to your Inbox or Block Sender.  If you deliver the message, you will receive a prompt to add the sender to your allow list.









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