Keith Wright | Family Horizon Credit Union

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Indianapolis area financial institution engages Proxurve to manage their IT


Keith Wright | CEO/President

Family Horizons Credit Union

Client Location: Indianapolis, Indiana


Client Profile

FHCU is a financial institution with locations in Indianapolis, IN and Greenfield, IN.  We offer banking and lending services to Central Indiana.


The Client’s Challenge

We needed a reliable IT support company.



“We were referred to Proxurve a few years ago. After meeting with them, we were impressed by what they offered to accommodate our IT support needs.  Recently Proxurve approached us regarding their fully managed IT service which we have found extremely beneficial.  Not only do they support our key devices and end-users, but they patriciate in our IT decision making process as well.  Proxurve has definitely lived up to their tag line of being our IT partner.”


Proxurve can help you with all your IT needs.  From device implementation to a fully managed solution, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started.


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